Meaningful design tells timeless stories.

We combine art, text, and technology to effectively present your brand to your audience across all mediums. We know that first impressions mean everything, especially when it comes to your business. Richard Media Company works hand in hand with our clients to develop images and graphics in all formats (print, digital, web) to truly reflect your brand and your aspirations. From logos and letterhead to brochures, newsletters, posters and more, our team will help you create the perfect layout for your needs. We have a working expertise in design applications and techniques, ensuring all produced compositions tell your story by combining creativity and technology.

We regularly produce the following branded assets for our clients:

Print Design – brochures, postcards, event programs, invitations, business cards, postcards, envelopes, note cards, annual reports, advertisements, branded print collateral.

Digital Design – brand identities, logos, email blasts, electronic invites, social media graphics.



Creative video for advertising and entertainment.

When it comes to your brand, nothing tells your story quite like video. Video attracts and converts. Video drives engagement. Video helps PR. Video convinces consumers to buy. The numbers back it up – 89 million people in the U.S. are going to watch 1.2 billion videos today.

We handle all aspects of the video production process: logistics, messaging, directing, filming, animation, editing, color correcting, tagging, and sharing. Our goal is to understand your objectives, determine a clear creative direction and tell your story with the energy, style, and importance that it deserves. Storytelling is our strong suit and with our team’s experience behind the camera and in front of it – your voice will be heard crystal clear. We offer video packages to suit the unique needs and budget of every client.



Let us help you tell your story!

We know that it’s not what you say, it’s what people hear. Our team works to distill your message down to its truest essence and tell your stories in a way that is both memorable and impactful. We expertly craft talking points, persuasive message frames, and media strategies for any size organization.  Our messaging team focuses on providing agile solutions through disciplined procedures, which are grounded in creativity and meticulous planning. We believe in breaking down the barriers between our clients and their desired audience. 



Deliver effective and memorable interviews with confidence.

Richard Media Company has trained thousands of individuals on the importance of messaging, body language, leadership, and more. We teach our clients how to develop and deliver an impactful message to any audience. We offer comprehensive media training for groups, principals, communications directors, organizers, and more.  Our media training also covers booking, five-point message framing, personal storytelling, and real time on-camera experience.

Any of our clients will tell you that our media trainings are a special experience, because they are tailored exactly to you.  In order to best fit each organization or individual’s specific needs, we have developed a media training curriculum based on “modules.” Mix and match from our menu of services to create the experience of your dreams.

Interested? Click here to experience our Media Training Lookbook, which offers a closer look at the media training experience.



Targeted campaigns. Real results.

We aid clients in traversing the increasingly symbiotic relationship between the news media and PR industry. RMC creates press releases, manages booking, and can conduct media blitzes on short notice with our extensive industry contacts. Collaborating and connecting with media to craft the story that matters is the essence of our public relations practice. Our relationships have been the key to our continued success.

The bottom-line goal is to get television, radio, print, and online coverage. Our core service is to target, pitch, and book national and local media that will get you results. Our job is to get you seen and heard on the outlets that matter. We have placed clients on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, international outlets such as RT, CTV, CCTV, NDTV, NHK, Al Jazeera English, ITV and ITN, as well as local outlets across the country.



We can confidently say that at Richard Media Company, we are YouTube gurus.  We are the only company in Washington, DC where both of our Principals are YouTube Certified in Audience Development.  YouTube Certification is a prestigious curriculum created by Google and YouTube to further enhance the skills of industry professionals.  An individual may only become YouTube Certified after successfully completing an in-depth training program and passing a final exam to demonstrate expertise.

When it comes to digital video and YouTube, there is no one better in the District.  We help clients optimize their established channels to utilize our cutting-edge best practices for increased viewership and engagement.  We have also developed an exclusive curriculum specifically tailored for organizations who wish to expand their presence to YouTube. The power of social media and YouTube are undeniable. Let us help you navigate the dynamic field of new media with our proven YouTube optimization and social media strategies.



Agile design and development for web.

Richard Media Company offers complete front-end and back-end web development solutions, from basic website navigation to custom content management systems (CMS) and databases. Our team creates technical solutions for client side and server side development, including expertise in HTML/CSS/PHP/Java/ ColdFusion/ASP/Drupal/CMS. We have expert designers and coders on staff to consult with you to determine what your needs are and translate those needs into a functional reality.

We use the latest web technology and tools to maximize your online presence and give you a long-term competitive advantage while saving you time, labor, and expense. Our services include web design, web development, search engine optimization, website maintenance/updating, and web hosting.



One stop content shop.

Richard Media Company provides our clients with guidance, training, and first hand experience in every stage of the content production process. In addition to video production, we offer our experience and expertise in a variety of other mediums. From expertly furnishing a studio, to creating podcasts, we can help you develop a dynamic workflow that saves time and money!